⇒ A Rusty Wooden Drill With Electric Motor (it's a prop)

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Project: Giaco Promo

I'm making a prop that I'll be using in the shooting of this channel's promo.
The goal was to create a weird and very rough looking tool.
I decided to make a drill, and I wanted it to actually work...
I used a very cheap and old drill that I had laying around for years and probably never used...

The has been really a fun project and I'm pleased with the result even if I'd done some things differently now...
But anyway, I think that every time! :)

Please comment belov and tell me what I could have done better...

Things you saw in this movie:
using a wood lathe
using a bandsaw
epoxy glue
wood glue
weathering techniques
rusty metal look
hairspray as a weathering technique

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