Bargain Store Project #35 Styrofoam Cups Jet Fan Car

In this episode I use styrofoam cups to make a Jet Fan Car. I wanted to use the motor and fan blade from a USB Notebook Cooler but for the second time I found it was not up to the job. I had hoped that by taking more care with the clearances inside the air tube I might generate enough thrust to move the car but failed so instead I used the motor and fan blade from an old hairdryer that I previously used in my hovercraft in project #32.

Project #32 is here

My disassembly video for the hairdryer is here

Remember, these bargain stores also sell plenty of toys for £1 or less so the project is not about making a cheap toy. It is about taking something and 'hacking' or 'repurposing' it to do something other than what it was designed to do. I am using bargain store products to limit my initial outlay.

The main components are:
Styrofoam cups and plates
Electric motor and fan blade from a hairdryer

Hot Glue Gun
Hobby knife

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Generally my projects are for my grandchildren to enjoy. OK, I enjoy them too. If anybody else likes them, that is a bonus. I like to keep my work as simple and basic as possible so that it can be copied easily and improved by anybody who wants to try themselves. I recycle or repurpose items rather than buy new and when I do buy I like to keep it cheap.

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