Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? RC Mini

I have been looking for another cheap rc toy car so I can complete an rc boat project and I spotted this Tyco RC Mini for 99p. Unfortunately it didn't work so I have fixed it well enough to use. It is not a perfect fix, but it will do for the project I have in mind.

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The capacitor I used is a polyester film capacitor 2A472K
The controller chip on the receiver is RX2 99037M1 943 but I haven't been able to find a data sheet for it.

Prado000 commented Hello Grandad, this is a great fix and another thing i will try in my rc cars it won't work...and about the datasheet, the logo is from Realtek, and i found this datasheet, i hope it's help:
I had a look at it and it does not seem to be exactly the right match as far as the serial number goes but comparing it to the one I looked at for a previous receiver fix I can see pin 4 could be the oscillator input again and that was where I did the fix before. This is a handy data sheet as it gives some suggested values for the capacitor and resistor for the oscillator frequency so I could try to go a little further.

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