Charity Shop Gold or Garbage #2 - Make Your Own Crawler Bot Kit.

Second episode in my Charity Shop Gold or Garbage series.
This time I picked up a "Make your own Crawler Bot" kit for £2. The box says for ages 8 and over. I couldn't check the contents until I got home and I was pleased to find it was complete. My guess is that somebody bought it and when they looked inside they decided it was too complicated and it ended up unused and dumped in the charity shop.
I assembled it with the assistance of my 4 year old grandson, I let him "pop" out the cardboard shapes and helped him fold them correctly. I did the gluing as that was a bit fiddly, but he enjoyed putting all the stickers on. It was quite complicated and took quite a while to assemble including waiting for the glue to dry so we had a break half way through and went to the park. The end result was we had some quality time and we ended up with a working CrawlerBot, so I have awarded this item my "Gold Award".

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