Charity Shop Gold or Garbage Two EPO RTF gliders Test Flights #1

Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? Two EPO RTF gliders Test Flights #1. I am constantly surprised by what I can find in charity shops. It is so random. These two planes have clearly never been taken out of the packaging. I found an Amazon link for one and some existing YouTube videos so I will include them in this description.

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Art-Tech freeflight airplane jet 22216/X22
Rainy Xiao Art Tech Free Flight Airplane
Brian's R/C Corner Art-Tech Jetiger - SN Hobbies

Estes Spy Plane Foam Glider
Similar plane SODIAL(R) Plane glider model aircraft children toy gift YELLOW
Manufacturers site
blowin suckin slope glider marvel avengers estes hack diy RC airplane
elvill1 Avengers Glider to RC Pusher Jet
elvill1 Avengers Estes Glider to RC Conversion

LolPlane posted these HobbyKing links in the comments

Filmed using Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Edited using Serif MoviePlus X6

Interesting wiki link on the types of foam used for model planes

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Charity Shop Gold or Garbage
If you want to see some beautiful balsa planes here are a couple of great channels

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