Dare Jenga - Party Game

How to turn your old Jenga set into a fun party game or drinking game. Add dares and forfeits and and play with friends.

Dares and forfeit suggestions:
Kiss the person on your left
Eat a dry Weetabix
Swap Item of clothing
Play next go eyes closed
Play left handed
Play right handed
Lick someones cheek
Submit your phone for a joke text
Massage someones feet
Smell someones socks
Ice cube down your back
Down your drink
Spin on the spot 10 times
Eat 1 tsp of mustard
Eat a dry cracker
Hold an ice cube in your mouth
Play next round with feet
Tell everyone a secret
Confess your last lie
Do 10 press-ups
Dance until your next go
Ladies all drink
Men all drink
Do a handstand
Remove item of clothing
Chew a chilli
Eat a clove of garlic
Bite into an onion
Speak in a foreign accent
Belly dance

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Music: Plucky Daisy - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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