Love Your Space, brought to you by Sears - Sarah Keenlyside & Lindsay Konior

Energized by inspiring spaces, unique materials, and the occasional dance break, Sarah Keenleyside and Lindsay Konior graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design's Environmental Design program before setting out to make a name for themselves in the design world. Blending modern and vintage styles that hint at their Canadian roots, the dynamic design duo founded the Toronto-based design firm Qanūk to breathe life into residential and boutique commercial spaces.

Five up-and-coming designers, five inspiring rooms, and one lucky winner. Whether your favourite room is a quiet, cozy getaway or a hub for friends and family, every space can use an upgrade to be more livable, functional, and most of all, loveable.

So to help you envision the possibilities for your space, we've partnered with five talented designers to create unique rooms that blend style and function for the ultimate living space. To show you just how loveable your space can be, we'll be rolling out each of their designs, complete with their hand-picked furniture, colours, and unique design philosophies.
We'll then ask you to vote on your favourite room, and one lucky winner will walk away with an incredible room upgrade!

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