Low Pressure Piston Cannon Tests

I recorded a few shots just before the snow came again. Unfortunately low pressure, hopefully I'll get in some 100+ PSI shots later in the spring.

This is the best I can do for now with my compressor as it is.

I have more videos planned for the summer. Particularly some tests with large Fresnel lenses that I think you will all find interesting. I shattered the lens yesterday that I was planning on using, so I will have to find another before any videos, but soon enough. We'll have to see about fireworks as we move along. I am in the process of looking for a house while the economy is down so that will keep me busy.

I have no intent of stopping my videos, though they will likely shift topics from fireworks to other sorts of DIY projects such as this air cannon video. Perhaps some trap making and other outdoor skills as well. No doubt more firework videos will be coming from the MPAG shoots as they happen, but my own fireworks are on hold.

Keep an eye out for my new videos.


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