Making a piano from tongue depressor

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Tongue depressors
502 glue
Hot glue
Knife or scissors
Pen and ruler

Cut 2 round heads
Draw the fretboard
Take another tongue depressor
Bisect it
Do the same with another tongue depressor

Cut a tongue depressor to 2 fragments 1/3 + 2/3
Measure and cut the piano's body
Do the same with the other side but shorter

Stick them by glue and hot glue

-The back side
Make a curve at the back of piano
Measure the piano's thickness and cut
Fit them and make a curve
Use glue and hot glue

Take 5 flat tongue depressors and cut 1 head
Stick them and draw the cover's shape
And cut that curve
Use glue to stick them together

-Holder feet
Top holder: Using a small bar of the redundants to make a holder
Bottom holder: Make 4 piano's feet

-Make a chair

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