Mini Slingshot

After watching Joerg Sprave's video on a tiny slingshot that he built,
I decided to try to build one. A couple hours later, the product was
done! It shoots pretty well considering it is small enough to easily
fit in your pocket, but I am refraining from shooting it too much, as I
intend to sell this thing on Etsy. (The link will be put here in the
description when I get it up.)

I made a MDF template in case I ever decide to manufacture a bunch of
these guys in the future.

The slingshot itself is made of 2 layers of 1/4 birch plywood, and
walnut, oak and maple scales on the sides. The bands attached are made
of Thera-band Gold (found cheap on Amazon), and a small piece of
leather taken from an old glove. Attaching the bands is actually quite
difficult, so unfortunately I couldn't film that particular part of the
process. The finish is water-based polyurethane and not and not a
linseed oil or similar oil finish, like many people swear by. It can
supposedly can give you blisters and sores etc. but this slingshot
isn't really meant to be used for hours on end, so I don't think it
will matter much.

Thanks for watching!

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