RC Toy Car Ducted Fan Conversion FAIL

kurt WAPOW asked "hey grandad can you make a ducted fan car?? just keep the steering on the car" so taking a cheap RC toy car I tried using the motor from the car and adding the impeller from a hairdryer. I could not get enough thrust, I tried various options but I think the simplest answer would be a proper hobby grade RC EDF then we would have plenty, but we would also need better batteries and then probably better RC gear so really a proper hobby grade RC car. I tried using a 9v battery in place of the 3 AA batteries which would normally give 4.5v and it did improve the thrust but not enough and the receiver got warm although it hasn't burnt out yet. After filming this episode I tried shortening the duct and that seemed to help a little but there still wasn't anything like enough thrust for what we need here.

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Main components
RC toy car
Impeller/fan blade from a hairdryer
Sparkly card for the tube/duct
Sticky tape

Main Tools
Hot Glue Gun
Sharp knife
soldering iron

Filmed using
FujiFilm FinePix S4800

Edited using
Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition
Low Pass Filter 6500 hz

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