Rubber Band Power conversion Grandad's Junk Pile Projects #15 1kg 10cm drop Mk 2

I decided to convert my gravity powered car to rubber band power to demonstrate the features that could benefit that type of car.

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2 x Vinyl Long Playing Records
I used a Fibre Glass tube for my axle that came from a cheap garden windmill
2 CDs/DVDs
4 plastic bottle caps
Bamboo garden canes
2 bbq skewers
Large paperclips or similar bendable wire
Rubber band - size 64 would work well
I used kite string
I put some hot glue on the axle to help hold the LPs in place but the holes I made in them were a very tight fit anyway.

Here is a link to the original Mousetrap version by 1donagin
The build details for it are here
Here was my version

Filmed using
HTC One Mini mobile phone

Edited using
Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

If you need guidance on making the CD wheels here is my old helpfile
Here is my old helpfile for putting rubber tyres on CDs
Here is my old help file on connecting rubber bands

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Size 64 rubber band measure 3 1/2"x 1/4"x 1/32" or 89mm x 6mm
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