Saltwater aquarium fish show - MACNA 2014

MACNA (marine aquarium conference of north america) was a new experience for me. I created this video for those that can not go or want more information before going.

I knew i had to find at least 1 vendor for this video, so i set my self the following rules:
1: Find something that EVERYONE can use
2: Find something that changes the way we look at a problem
3: Find a solution that effects eveyone
4: Find something I CAN NOT BUILD!

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The story:

The marine aquarium conference of north america (MACNA), is a combination of several events. At this aquarium fish tank convention, people can attend lectures visit a trade show where hobbyists can buy the hottest new corals and see new cutting edge equipment. And lastly it is a social event. Many speakers, vendors, and hobbyists come to socialize with each other. It gives people an opportunity to put faces with names they might see on a message board or email.

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