Stunt Kites on Bolt Tail #2 Brookite Triple Kite

Not sure where this triple kite came from, possibly one of my daughters gave it to me. It has been in my garage for many years and has no instructions but the labels sown in the seams say Brookite.
This video was shot using 2 cameras
HTC One Mini mobile phone
Efine 720P 5.0MP Sunglasses Camcorder
I used the audio from the mobile phone footage for the first part of the video but it stopped recording about half way through so I had to use the more noisy Sunglasses Camcorder soundtrack after that.

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Looks like nylon or polysester
Both spars are about 150cm

Filmed using
HTC One Mini mobile phone
Efine 720P 5.0MP Sunglasses Camcorder

Edited using
Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

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