The Meaning Of BluTac (Airbrush And Ink version)

My two wrestling figures have a deep and meaningful debate on "The meaning of BluTac".

I use Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 for editing my pictures so I thought I would play with some of the effects available using the batch process and script facility to run through all the images in this animation.
The effects I tried are Glowing Edges, Charcoal, Airbrush and Ink, and Coloured Pencil.

In this version I have used the "Airbrush And Ink" effect. If you go to my channel you will find the others in the set.

My Animation playlist is here

My Channel is mainly aimed at projects I think my grandchildren would find interesting and could get involved in. I try to recycle or repurpose items rather than buy items and when I do buy items I try to minimise the costs.

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