Things you can make from an old DVD drive #4 Gravity Powered Car

In this episode I use the metal case from the DVD drive as the chassis for a gravity powered car that carries 1Kg weight for 5 metres. First I had to take apart the propeller driven car I made in episode #3 and I temporarily converted it to a rubber band driven car just to show how easy the conversion was.
The gravity car has a very short wheelbase so it is not very stable and I probably should have added some cross braces to the tower to make it more rigid but as I only need the car to last long enough to complete a few test runs I haven't worried about improving it.

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Internal DVD drive assembly case
8 flower canes
4 wooden wheels the size of CDs or 16 CDs
8 plastic bottle tops for CD hubs
1 Christmas Garden Windmill
1 pulley
1 paperclip
Hot Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Filmed using
FujiFilm FinePix S4800

Edited using
Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

If you need guidance on making the CD wheels here is my old helpfile.
Here is my old helpfile for putting rubber tyres on CDs
Here is my old help file on connecting rubber bands

Things you can make from an old DVD drive
Gravity Powered Cars
Rubber Band Power

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